Government Data Now in Session!

Do you sell to the US government or does the mere thought of navigating that process remind you of sitting for a chemistry exam when you never showed up for class?
Selling to the government can be a daunting task and trying to tame your fear by imagining government decision makers in their underwear won’t help (and may even get you arrested).  There are multitudes of rules and, even though they may be clearly laid out, finding the right level of agency or the right person to target isn’t. OneSource has now eliminated the red tape from that process — enhanced US government content, searching and list-building capabilities have now been added to our award-winning iSell product line.
Via a premium add-on, iSell clients now have the opportunity to access 640,000 US government profiles comprising 570,000 organizations from our industry-leading directory-level providers, infoUSA and Mailings Clearing House, as well as 70,000 profiles from Carroll Publishing, the go-to source for high quality information on government entities.
Agency records from Carroll include those at the federal, state, county and municipality level.  iSell clients will be able to search and create lists using existing options such as location and SIC level criteria as well as new government-specific criteria such as budget, hierarchy and population statistics.
On the contacts side, Carroll’s data focuses on the decision makers at the government agencies and provides email address, biographies, and contact location information.  In other words you will be able to find contact information for your Senator, and know what to say to him when you track him down.
We also took this opportunity to re-examine the underlying infrastructure of our content and were able to more precisely identify public sector entities in order to improve the recall and relevance of our data.
All of the government data in this module represents the high-quality standards for which OneSource is known. Continuously integrating, updating and augmenting data via our live content platform, we are able to provide the most timely and accurate agency and contact content possible.   No imagination necessary.