SEC ファイリングの種類


General Filing Type Specific Filing Type(s)
10-K Annual Financial Report 10-K,  10-K/A,  10-KSB,  10-KT,  10-KT/A,  10-KSB/A,  10-K405,  10-K405/A,  NT 10-K,  NT 10-K/A,  10KSB40,  10KSB40/A,  10KT405,  10KT405/A
10-Q Quarterly Financial Report 10-Q,  10-Q/A,  10-QSB,  10-QSB/A,  10-QT,  10-QT/A,  NT 10-Q,  NT 10-Q/A
8-K Material Event or Corporate Change 8-K,  8-K/A,  8-K12G3,  8-K12G3/A,  8-K15D5,  8-K15D5/A
14A Proxy Statement DEFM14A,  DEFC14A,  DEFN14A,  DEF 14A,  DFRN14A,  DEFA14A,  DFAN14A,  DEFS14A,  PREM14A,  PREC14A,  PRES14A,  PREN14A,  PRE 14A,  PRER14A,  PRRN14A,  PX14A6G,  PX14A6N
20-F Annual Reports, Foreign Issuer 20-F,  20-F/A,  NT 20-F
6-K Current Report, Foreign Issuer 6-K,  6-K/A
S Registrations Statements S-1,  S-1/A,  S-1MEF,  S-2,  S-2/A,  S-2MEF,  S-3,  S-3/A,  S-3D,  S-3D/A,  S-3DPOS,  S-3MEF,  497,  497J,  S-4,  S-4EF,  S-4EF/A,  S-4 POS,  S-4MEF,  S-6,  S-6/A,  S-8,  S-8 POS,  S-11,  S-11/A,  S-11MEF,  S-20,  S-20/A
F Registration Statements F-1,  F-1/A,  F-1MEF,  F-2,  F-2/A,  F-2D,  F-2DPOS,  F-2MEF,  F-3,  F-3/A,  F-3D,  F-3DPOS,  F-3MEF,  F-4,  F-4/A,  F-4MEF,  F-6,  F-6/A,  F-6 POS,  F-6EF,  F-9MEF,  F-10MEF
N Registration Statements N-1,  N-1/A,  N-2,  N-2/A,  N-2MEF,  N-3,  N-3/A,  N-4,  487,  N-5,  N-5/A,  N-8A,  N-8B-2,  N-8B-3,  N-8B-4,  N-14,  N-14/A
10SB Registration Statements 10SB12B,  10SB12B/A,  10SB12G,  10SB12G/A
10-12 Registration Statements 10-12B,  10-12B/A,  10-12G,  10-12G/A
18-12 Registration Statements 18-12B,  18-12B/A,  18-12G,  18-12G/A
SB Registration Statements SB-1,  SB-1/A,  SB-1MEF,  SB-2,  SB-2/A,  SB-2MEF
24F Registration Statements 24F-1,  24F-2EL,  24F-2EL/A,  24F-2NT,  24F-2NT/A
8A Registration Statements 8-A12B,  8-A12B/A,  8A12BEF,  8A12BT,  8-A12G,  8-A12G/A
20FR Registration Statements 20FR12B,  20FR12B/A,  20FR12G,  20FR12G/A
18-K Annual Report, Foreign Governments and Political Subdivisions 18-K,  18-K/A
NSAR Annual or Semi-Annual Financial Report Filed by Registered Investment Companies NSAR-A,  NSAR-A/A,  NSAR-AT,  NSAR-AT/A,  NSAR-B,  NSAR-B/A,  NSAR-BT,  NSAR-BT/A,  NSAR-U,  NSAR-U/A
14C Information Statement PREM14C,  PREC14C,  PRES14C,  PRE 14C,  PRER14C,  DEFM14C,  DEFC14C,  DEF 14C,  DEFA14C,  DEFR14C,  DEFS14C
Prospectus Filed Pursuant to Rule 424 424A,  424B1,  424B2,  424B3,  424B4,  424B5,  424B6,  424B7,  424B8
Post-Effective Amendments Filed Pursuant to Rule 485(a) 485APOS,  485A24E,  485A24F,  485BPOS,  485B24E,  485B24F
Insider Trading (144, SC 13-D, 13G, 13E, 14D, 14F) 144,  144/A,  SC 13D,  SC 13D/A,  SC 13G,  SC 13G/A,  SC 13E1,  SC 13E1/A,  SC 13E3,  SC 13E3/A,  PRE13E3,  PRE13E3/A,  DEF13E3,  DEF13E3/A,  SC 13E4,  SC 13E4/A,  SC13E4F,  SC 14D1,  SC 14D1/A,  SC14D1F,  SC 14D9,  SC 14D9/A,  SC14D9F,  SC 14F1,  SC 14F1/A
Form 3 – Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership Form 3,  3/A
Form 4 – Changes in Beneficial Ownership Form 4,  4/A
Form 5 – Annual Statement of Beneficial Ownership Form 5,  5/A
Notification of Late Filings NT 10-K,  NT 10-K/A,  NT 10-Q,  NT 10-Q/A,  NT 11-K,  NT 11-K/A,  NT 15D2,  NT 15D2/A,  NT 20-F
11-K Annual Report Of Employee Stock Purchase 11-K,  11-K/A,  11-KT,  11-KT/A,  NT 11-K,  NT 11-K/A
13F Institutional Ownership 13F-E,  13F-E/A,  13F-HR,  13F-HR/A,  13F-NT,  13F-NT/A
Form 15 Termination of Registration 15-12B,  15-12B/A,  15-12G,  15-12G/A,  15-15D,  15-15D/A
T-3 Application for Qualification of Trust Indentures T-1,  T-2,  T-3,  T-3/A,  T-4,  T-6
Public Utility Act U-1,  U-1/A,  POS AMC,  U-12-IA,  U-12-IA/A,  U-12-IB,  U-12-IB/A,  U-13-60,  U-13-60/A,  U-13E-1,  U-13E-1/A,  U-13-1,  U-13-1/A,  U-3A3-1,  U-3A3-1/A,  U-7D,  U-7D/A,  U-R-1,  U-R-1/A,  U-3A-2,  U-3A-2/A,  U-6B-2,  U-6B-2/A,  U5A,  U5A/A,  U5B,  U5B/A,  U5S,  U5S/A,  U-33-S,  U-33-S/A,  U-9C-3,  U-9C-3/A,  U-57,  U-57/A,  45B-3,  45B-3/A,  35-APP,  35-APP/A,  35-CERT,  35-CERT/A
Notice of Intent, Business Development Company N-6F,  N-6F/A,  N-54C,  N-54C/A
Notice of Election, Business Development Company N-54A,  N-54A/A,  N-18F1,  N-18F1/A
Purchase of Own Securities, Business Development Company N-23C-1,  N-23C-1/A
Exemption for Foreign Banks, Investment Company N-6C9,  N-6C9/A
Annual and Semi-Annual Reports, Investment Company N-30D,  N-30D/A,  N-30B-2